How to Improve Your Vision Without Glasses

If you have been looking for an easy and effective way to improve your vision without glasses, then get ready to get all the information you have been looking for; by the time you have read this article you'll know everything you need to correct your eyesight to finally get rid of those glasses and contacts for good.

First, let me explain the basics of how and why your eyes work and why you get eye strain and fatigue. Your eyes use a lens, the cornea and a collection of muscles to focus images on the retina.

The lens is adjusted by the muscles, much like a magnifying glass is adjusted, by moving closer and farther away from the retina where the image is formed. If those muscles or the lens is fatigued, stressed or bent out of shape, then the image is blurry and you have poor vision.

Secondly, lets go over how rest and relaxation have their roles in good vision. In order to have the best vision possible, you must exercise and rest your eyes sufficiently for them to recover, just like muscles in our bodies. Without the proper rest and relaxation your eyes will tire easily and not be able to focus as quickly as they would normally.

Whenever you are using your eyes to focus on close up objects, make sure to shift your eyes to something farther away every few minutes. This lets the focusing muscles relax into a different position, which will prevent tension headaches and eye strain.

Vision Without Glasses

Lastly, let me tell you a couple common eye relaxation techniques that I do every day while sitting in front of my computer monitor.

Palming - Covering your closed eyes with the palms of your hands with fingers crossed over the forehead - not pressing on the eyelids - and letting your eyes completely relax for 2-3 minutes.

Forced Blinking - another method for relaxing your eyes. Slowly Blink your eyes once every 2-3 seconds for 1 minute. This will help moisturize your eyes and clean them of dust and debris, as well as allowing your eye muscles to relax.

These exercises will help relax the eyes in order to help your short term vision, but in order to truly improve your vision without glasses you will need to include several more exercises and methods used by thousands of people to improve their eyesight without glasses and contacts.

Now you have the three required keys to success required to start improving your vision without glasses.

First, they eyes work by using muscles, the cornea and the lens to focus the image on the retina.

Second, without proper rest and relaxation, the muscles and other parts of the eye will tire and strain easily, just like other muscles when you work out for too long without taking a break.

Finally, there are several different techniques that you can start using right now to help relax your eyes and improve your eyesight and focus in as little as 30 seconds.

Now you'll be able to easily improve your vision without glasses.