How to Correct Your Vision Without Glasses

Do you want to learn how to Correct Your Vision Without Glasses?

Imagine never being able to see your grandchild's shining smile again. Think about never being able to read another book or newspaper or being able to pass your drivers test due to vision problems. Picture yourself squinting to see the labels for the food in the grocery store.

If you don't have problems imagining these problems because you are already experiencing them, then keeping reading, because in a few minutes you'll know how to improve your vision naturally without glasses or contact lenses.

If you are like me, your vision is one of your most prized possessions. I would literally not know what to do if I couldn't read, drive or see my loved ones because my vision was having problems due to stress, strain and problems caused by contact lenses and glasses.

By the time you are done with this article, you'll have all the information you need to make sure that you'll always be able to see the shining faces and smiles of grandchildren and regain your independence from glasses and contact lenses.

First of all, lets talk about the damage that your glasses and contacts are currently causing your eyes. Corrective lenses are like a crutch for your eyes, they allow them to work less and force them to conform to the images as they are adjusted by the glasses. Then when you take of your glasses your eyes can't focus as well, your vision appears to be worse and you think "man, my eyes really are getting bad".

Vision Without Glasses

The fact is that is isn't your eyes getting bad, it is your glasses doing bad things to your eyes.

The above situation is like asking a healthy adult to get around in a wheelchair for a couple years and then asking them how they feel while trying run up several flights of stairs.

Just like the wheelchair example, there is nothing actually wrong with the persons legs or eyes, but because they have been getting along with very little effort on their part for several years, as soon as they are expected to do their normal work they are unable to do so, at least without some major effort and strain - and strain is exactly what we don't want our eyes to do.

Secondly; proper exercise, nutrition and rest aren't just for people who are training for a marathon or the Olympics. Your eyes need proper rest, nutrition and exercise.

The exercise part will take care of itself for the most part - after all you use your eyes to process 90% of your experiences in the world for 12-18 hours every day.

The most important part that you can take care of is the rest and nutrition.

Make sure to rest your eyes in complete darkness when sleeping and for short breaks while performing tasks or activities that cause your eyes to get tired or strain themselves. This complete dark period gives the retina, the lenses in the eye and the eye muscles used to focus the lens to be able to completely stretch out and relax for several minutes.

As you can see, keeping your eyes healthy, well rested and exercised with the proper nutrition are all parts of keeping your eyesight healthy for many years to come. First you must remember to keep your eyes relaxed by closing them from time to time and getting proper sleep at night. Secondly, you must make sure to keep your eyes moving and changing focus from time to time in order to keep blood flowing and the eye muscles from cramping or straining.

The last but most important aspect of improving your vision naturally is to remember that glasses and other corrective lenses are actually just masking the symptoms of bad eyesight. They are not doing anything to help correct or improve your vision, in fact they are slowly making your vision worse just by wearing them.

Learn more techniques and examples of how to correct your vision without glasses here.

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