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Hello and Thank You for visiting the Improve Vision Without Glasses blog.

After suffering with poor eyesight and blurry vision for most of my life, I dedicated a significant amount of time investigating various vision correction surgeries such as lasik, visited various Ophthalmologists and Optometrists with the same results every time, they just wanted to change my prescription or try a different brand of contacts.

No one however, could recommend an all natural remedy or permanent cure for my deteriorating vision.

I decided that glasses and/or surgery were just temporary bandaids and started investigating more unique and outside the mainstream type of eye exercises, vision improvement courses and exercises.

Since I know that everyone doesn't have the kind of time that I do to sit around and look for the same type of information, I decided to collect the best information that I could  find on the net about improving your vision naturally and without glasses and put it all here in one spot on my blog.

Visit often because I'll  be updating this blog with any new information as it becomes available.

Hopefully we'll all be seeing with 20/20 vision soon.