How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

If you are one of the thousands of people currently having problems with blurry vision, eye strain, deteriorating eyesight, myopia, near sightedness or far sightedness, then you have come to the right place to learn how to improve vision naturally and without glasses or other corrective lenses.

There are several factors that all contribute to how well your eyes work, or don't work, and these same factors can be used to improve your vision naturally.

If your eyes are strained or working too hard you can experience tension headaches and migraines and your eyes can feel gritty and 'worn out'. If your eyes do not get the proper kind and amount of rest and relaxation your vision can become blurred and difficult to focus.

What is most important to remember however that none of these factors can stop you from improving your vision.

Vision problems associated with age, harsh lighting, astigmatism and using incorrect prescriptions in your eye glasses can all be overcome with a few weeks of learning the correct methods of using your eyes, proper exercise and rest and proper nutrition.

Vision Without Glasses

The most important step in improving your vision naturally is to realize the 90% of all our information comes to us through the eyes, that means that they are working all the time. Rest and Relaxation are keys to helping your eyes maintain focus and improve your concentration.

Palming is the most common method of relaxing and resting the eyes.

Palming involves placing your hands over your eyes, with the eyelids closed, to prevent any stray light from hitting the eyelids. When doing this your eyes should not see any bright spots or light leaking through the eyelids. Keep this position for 2-3 minutes and then slowly look around.

See how much better your eyes feel? Do you notice how everything seems brighter and more focused than before? This is because your eyes got the equivalent of a 'cat nap' and are refreshed and relaxed. Use this technique whenever your eyes feel tired or strained.

Another way of helping to improve your vision naturally is to exercise and loosen up the muscles that flex and move the eye and adjust the image on the back of the eyes using the lens.

The muscles that move the eyes and adjust the lens are like any other muscle and if you hold them in a certain position or of you work them too harshly they will start to get strained, tired and possibly even hurt or damaged.

If working on a project or looking a a computer or tv screen for a significant length of time, make sure to look away for a minute or two every 15-20 minutes. You should concentrate on looking at something at least 15-20 feet away in order to make sure that the muscles in your eye can adjust themselves and change position.

Changing what the eyes focus on and how far away what they are looking at helps change the position of the muscles around the eyes which helps prevent fatigue and stress from developing in the muscles around the eyes. Changing what the eyes look at and how far away they are focusing helps to keep the lens exercised and flexible as well.

As you can see, keeping your eyes healthy, well rested and exercised with the proper nutrition are all parts of maintaining and improving your eyesight for many years to come.

First you must remember to keep your eyes relaxed by closing them from time to time and getting proper sleep at night. Secondly, you must make sure to keep your eyes moving and changing focus from time to time in order to keep blood flowing and the eye muscles from cramping or straining.

The last but most important aspect of improving your vision naturally is to remember that contact lenses, glasses and other corrective lenses are just covering up the symptoms of bad vision and eye problems. They are not doing anything to help correct or improve your eyesight, in fact they are slowly making your eyes worse just by wearing them.

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